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Equiocare - Aim high!

My company Equiocare was born out of genuine love for horses and the dream to contribute to their wellbeing. As an active show jumping rider in my younger years, competing on international level back in the 1990s in France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and representing my country at the European Championships for Young Riders in Lisbon, Portugal in 1998, I frequently used equine therapists to maintain the overall muscle condition of my own show jumpers. Horses that were tensed and nervous would relax, and horses already moving loose and smooth gained even more elasticity in their movements. These observations led me to dream of becoming an equine therapist myself one day.
Besides my years as an international show jumping rider, my experience with horses and in the equestrian world include schooling of young horses, stable and yard management, and training riders; I also used to enjoy going along to shows as a groom for other riders. Thus, my know-how and skills come from both time in the saddle as well as overall equine management. I believe that this broad understanding and experience combined with my professional education for equine sports massage therapy bring enormous added value to the customer.

My VISION is to see horses move more relaxed, with more joy, using all their potential in terms of muscle conditioning for better results in sports. This is best achieved in collaboration and mutual understanding with the horse owner and /or rider.
My MISSION is to enhance the overall understanding and knowledge of equine well-being, fitness and muscle condition. This benefits everyone from hobby riders to top sport athletes. A horse that shows a relaxed body, elasticity and balance in his movements, is a result of teamwork: equine sports therapists, chiropractors, other equine wellness therapists, farriers, trainers, riders, grooms and horse owners ALL contribute to a healthier horse. A healthy horse is a happy horse.

Surround yourself with a team that prides itself on caring for your horse’s health and well-being. Team work makes the dream work!